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"Anyida" LPG composite cylinder with high recognition of the shape and gorgeous color, ultra-light weight, excellent corrosion and explosion resistance characteristics will certainly give you a different consumer experience.
2019/03/25 08:57

Application of composite gas cylinder of "Anyida"

  "Anyida" LPG composite cylinder with high recognition of the shape and gorgeous color, ultra-light weight, excellent corrosion and explosion resistance characteristics will certainly give you a different consumer experience.

  The application scenarios of "Anyida" LPG composite cylinder are very extensive, such as home kitchen, dining kitchen, outdoor barbecue, mobile selling car, yacht, RV, LPG fuel engineering vehicles and industrial applications


The picture shows each application scenario including:

Indoor application scenarios:

Home kitchen, catering kitchen


Outdoor catering applications:

Outdoor party barbecue, mobile selling car


Outdoor entertainment applications:

Hot air balloon, yacht, RV


Water life:

Oceangoing fishing vessels and inland river shipping


Work site:

Forklift truck, welding and disaster relief site


The structure of "Anyida" composite cylinder

In order to meet the requirements of international standards and design and quality control requirements, high density polyethylene (HDPE) and glass fiber are used in the "Anyida" LPG composite cylinder.


The structure of the “Anyida” LPG composite cylinder is:

High density polyethylene liner

Liner is a non-load bearing LPG container.

It is required that the wall thickness of the inner liner be controlled uniformly, the impact toughness is good, and no creep failure or stress cracking occurs during the service period.

It has good air tightness, corrosion resistance and high temperature resistance.


Glass fiber reinforced layer

Based on the finite element analysis, according to the lay design technology, wound on the liner. The cylinder has enough strength, stiffness and stability under the condition of force.


Protective shell for HDPE cylinders

It has good corrosion resistance, impact resistance, high strength, high toughness, weatherability, high temperature resistance, flame retardant and so on.


Characteristics of "LPG" composite cylinder


Thanks for the corrosion-resistant glass fiber and high density polyethylene using LPG composite cylinder will not be rusted like traditional cylinder, and even affect the safety of use because of rust. There will not be any traces or stains that are difficult to remove on the ground during long-term use.

Picture of composite cylinder and cylinder corrosion comparison:

Without the annoying corrosion, the regular mandatory bottle inspection process will be greatly simplified, and the high energy consumption and high pollution renovation of the original cylinder will be completely eliminated.

Green recyclability

Glass fiber and high density polyethylene used to make LPG composite cylinders are recyclable and environmentally friendly materials. Polyethylene materials can be recycled to make other plastic products. In foreign countries, glass fiber is often put into cement as a high-strength building material after recycling.

Some pictures of polyethylene plastic products:



The weight of LPG composite cylinders is more than 60% less than that of traditional cylinders, which greatly reduces the physical effort of the long-term warehousing and logistics workers and consumers. At the same time, a substantial reduction in the weight of the cylinder also helped the Gas Co to reduce the cost of transportation.

Photos of porters doing easy work:


Liquid level visibility

LPG composite gas bottle has translucent bottle body. Consumers can judge gas consumption state in time by observing liquid level. The filling station can avoid the danger of overloading caused by the large error of weighing instrument, the excessive filling speed, the failure of automatic control system and improper operation.

Image of liquid level under sunlight:



The use of new materials and strict compliance with international certification requirements for fire and perforation tests to ensure that cylinders in the fire or shooting will not produce strong shock waves and injurious debris due to explosion, so that the degree of injury to personal property is greatly reduced, the scope of injury is greatly reduced.


Intelligent scalability

Because LPG composite cylinders adopt non-metallic materials, it is more conducive to signal transmission of communication chips.

The triple design of the bottle gives it more space to accommodate chips and sensors with multiple functions to achieve quality traceability, GPS / Beidou positioning, logistics management, interconnection, wireless remote control, and truly achieve the magnificent transformation from traditional industrial products to intelligent products.


Advantage Comparison Table of "AIDA" LPG Composite Cylinder and Traditional Cylinder


Steel cylinder 

Composite cylinder





Highly recognizable, easy to clean and enhance the image of the company.

Weight(take 35.5 liters for example)



Self-weight reduced by nearly 60%, greatly reducing the burden of logistics.




Achieve a long-term investment return.

environmental protection

Production and renovation cause a lot of pollution.

No pollution in production and renovation process

The use of environmentally friendly products helps to enhance the company's social image.

Corrosion Resistance

Rust and oxidation

No corrosion

Greatly enhance safety

Visual liquid surface



Convenient user observation

Economical efficiency

Poor overall economic performance in the whole life cycle

The whole life cycle is comprehensive and economical.

The use of non-metallic materials greatly reduces the cost of cylinder refurbishment and annual inspection, prolongs the life of the cylinder, lengthens the secondary purchase cycle, and lightens the design, reduces the transportation cost and improves the transportation efficiency.

Storage and Transportation Safety

Risk of explosion caused by collision

No sparks.

The deflagration risk in filling, storage and transportation links has been reduced.


Specifications and parameters of "Anyida" cylinder


FYSP 15(35.5)

FYSP 12(28.6)

FYSP 10(24.5)

FYSP 7.5(18.2)

Filling weight

15 KG

12 KG

10 KG

7.5 KG

Product weight

7.0 KG

6.1 KG

5.5 KG

4.6 KG

Nominal volume

35.5 L

28.6 L

24.5 L

18.2 L

Product height





Product diameter



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